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Practicalfly is the cyber home of Ian Akers, fly dresser and fly angler from the North East of England. I am an enthusiastic amature and aspire to nothing more than enjoying my sport and all that goes on around it.

I tie because it gives me great pleasure, in both the tying of and catching on my own tyings. Hopefully this handful of videos will help you take those first steps toward tying your own.

Step by Step Videos

  1. Blae and Black
  2. Black Drake
  3. Deer Hair Sedge Emerger (DHSE)
  4. Duck a l'Orange
  5. Big Ugly Daddy
  6. Foam Beetle
  7. Shadow Snatcher

Technique videos

  1. Starting the Thread on the hook
  2. Whip Finish Tool




Blae and Black


Black Drake

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DH Sedge Emerger

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Duck a l'Orange


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Big Ugly Daddy


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Foam beetle


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Shadow Snatcher


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Starting a fly


The Whip Finish Tool



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