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North Country Spiders part II by Tony Downing

  1. Waterhen Bloa
  2. Bracken clock


Another brilliant spider, this one from Edmunds & Lee.

Begin by attaching Yellow Naples silk to the hook, wind 4 turns, then tie in the hackle feather, 3 turns, which in this case is a small feather from the neck of a waterhen, stripped one side. Continue winding the silk toward the bend, trim hackle waste as you go, stop winding at a point between the point and barb. Now very lightly wax your silk, take a tiny pinch of natural Mole fur, and using the dab on technique, add a very small amount to the silk, DO NOT TWIST IT ON, as in normal dubbing, then wind your silk and dubbing back toward the eye. The dubbing should be thin enough to allow you to see the colour of thread through the dubbed fur. Stop the dubbing at the hackle tie in point, remove any excess fur, and take the silk in front of the hackle, 3 turns. Now wind 2 turns of hackle, tie off hackle and trim waste, form a neat head, whip finish and trim silk.

waterhen bloa

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A tiny Beetle imitation that works well in mid summer.

Begin by attaching your silk (Orange Naples) behind the eye, and wind 8 turns, prepare and tie in a small Golden Pheasant tippet feather, by the tip. Continue the silk toward the bend and back again. Just before the hackle tie in point, tie in 1 strand of Bronze Peacock herl, advance the silk 3 turns, and follow with the Peacock herl, tie off and move to the front of the hackle, taking the Peacock with the silk. Wind 2 turns of hackle, tie off and trim waste, make 2 more turns with the Peacock herl, tie off and trim waste. Form a small head, whip finish and trim silk.

Bracken Clock

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