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Greenwell's Glory by Tony Downing

 A North Country Fly Box cannot be complete without the most famous Dry Fly ever to be invented. So I will endeavour to show you my version of,


Greenwells Glory


Hook, Hyabusa Fly 372, allround lightweight std dry fly, size 10-16.

Silk, Pearsalls Naples Primrose, well waxed.

Wings, 2 matching slips of Teal secondary feather.

Whisks, 3 or 4 Furnace cock hackle fibres.

Rib, Very Fine (No25) Gold Wire.

Body, Tying Silk.

Hackle, Light Furnace Cock.

Instruction assumes a Right Handed Tier

Firstly I recommend that you prepare your wing slips, and keep them safe.

Attach the silk and wind on 8 turns, at this point offer the wing slips onto the shank, tips pointing over the eye.


Tie them in making sur they sit on top of the shank. Trim waste and continue the silk toward the bend, tying in the Whisks and rib as you go


Form a nice body with the silk, twice up and down should suffice. Wind the rib in even turns, tie off trim waste. At this point prepare a Furnace Cock Hackle, and tie in, trim waste


Take the silk through to the front of the wings and pack a few tight turns into the roots of the fibres, making the wings stand almost upright, slightly inclined forward.


Wind the Hackle, behind and in front of the wings, tie off and trim waste, form a neat head, tie off, add a drop of head cement. You now have a GREENWELS GLORY.


Another favourite of mine is the Greenwell’s Spider, fish it on the point, with the dry Greenwell about 18ins above on a dropper. If there is a breeze, this can be a deadly combination.



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