Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Tying Basics

Fly Tying Vice

The object of this site is to help you enjoy your fishing and with this in mind the objective of this session is to convince those of you who have not tied a fly yet that it can be done and those who already do I hope something on here helps you improve or encourages you to develop your own patterns. Please feel free to take any of my patterns and change them however you want, I did with other peoples.

Check out the link to my Video Guides for help with some of the basics of fly tying and some patterns from start to finish.

To Get started you will need a basic toolkit and a vice to hold the Hook. There is a massive choice of tools and vices on the market ranging from pocket money pricing to top off the range equipment with vices costing in the hundreds of pounds.

My choice is to buy what fits my budget and advise you do the same, It won't make you tie better flies at the start, why not master the basics first then, if you must go buy the best you can afford.



With the below selection you can tie the majority of flies you'll ever need.

So check out the tying guides from the left hand menu including some great videos to help with those basic techniques and tie your first flies


A basic fly tying toolkit



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